ANIMATING A STORY FULL OF CHANGES ANIMATING A STORY FULL OF CHANGES STICKER ANIMATED ELEMENTS “EVERYTHING CHANGES” IN REAL LIFE I teamed up for the launch of a cool product collection called “Everything Changes.” I threw in some animated graphics to match the awesome designs by Ana Quesada, aka “La Keso.” The whole […]


MADE-TO-ORDER MAGIC Custom Illustrations Within this corner of my portfolio, I’m thrilled to showcase a collection of unique custom illustrations crafted to order. My clients entrust me with their photos and share insights about the people they’d like me to bring to life on paper. It’s in this collaborative process that I weave my artistic […]


Introducing Risky collection In this section of my portfolio, I present a collection of summer clothing with a print designed by me. I am the only creator of this project. In addition to designing the illustrated print, I was in charge of finding the right supplier and creating all the graphic material of videos and […]


Woofderful brand Plutón is all about boosting your connection with your furry friend in a friendly, one-of-a-kind way. I had a blast creating their branding. They wanted something cool and fresh, so I came up with a design that’s full of energy and a playful vibe. Logo design My client picked me to design her […]


ANIMATED GIFTS Fubulous cartoon movies for everyone Mufubufu was a project I co-founded as part of the Garaje program at the Valencian startup accelerator Lanzadera. Our gig? Crafting personalized cartoon movies about anyone’s life story. After plenty of hard work, we figured out how to make each one unique, special, and totally automated. BEHIND THE […]


GYM RULLES ROLLUP Kind message, funny style What & how In this project, I present a gym rules rollup that embraces diversity through captivating illustrations with vibrant colors. With a dynamic design and modern, friendly typography, this rollup aims to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for gym-goers. Objective: The rollup promotes desired behaviors in […]


MOTION GRAPHICS FOR TV SPOTS Magazine Magic Animating El Temps’ 2,000 Editions In this section, I showcase three audiovisual pieces that I had the privilege of collaborating on, lending my expertise in motion graphics. These three videos were created as part of a dynamic marketing campaign commemorating the 2,000th publication milestone of the Catalan magazine, […]


MARKETING DESIGN SHOWCASE A vibrant and youthful world of fashion accessories, catered primarily to fashion-forward young women. The product range included chic bags, stylish shoppers’ bags, and the centerpiece of the collection; the mesmerizing watches adorned with beautifully illustrated spheras. MARKETING DESIGN SHOWCASE A vibrant and youthful world of fashion accessories, catered primarily to fashion-forward […]


HI! I’M *LU* Designer, illustrator and animator based in Valencia 🌞, Spain THIS IS ME! I’m all about close, fun, and practical communication. I thrive both in team collaborations and as a solo project enthusiast. My work style is all about the nitty-gritty details, but I’ve learned the magic lies in the perfect blend of […]


Animation reel A VISUAL STORYTELLING JOURNEY EXPLORING MOTION An Array of Styles and Projects In this section of my portfolio, I present my animation reel, a compilation of diverse works spanning various styles and projects. Through this reel, I aim to demonstrate my versatility in the field of motion graphics, seamlessly blending different aesthetics such […]