ANIMATING A STORY FULL OF CHANGES ANIMATING A STORY FULL OF CHANGES STICKER ANIMATED ELEMENTS “EVERYTHING CHANGES” IN REAL LIFE I teamed up for the launch of a cool product collection called “Everything Changes.” I threw in some animated graphics to match the awesome designs by Ana Quesada, aka “La Keso.” The whole […]


MOTION GRAPHICS FOR TV SPOTS Magazine Magic Animating El Temps’ 2,000 Editions In this section, I showcase three audiovisual pieces that I had the privilege of collaborating on, lending my expertise in motion graphics. These three videos were created as part of a dynamic marketing campaign commemorating the 2,000th publication milestone of the Catalan magazine, […]


Animation reel A VISUAL STORYTELLING JOURNEY EXPLORING MOTION An Array of Styles and Projects In this section of my portfolio, I present my animation reel, a compilation of diverse works spanning various styles and projects. Through this reel, I aim to demonstrate my versatility in the field of motion graphics, seamlessly blending different aesthetics such […]


MOTION MATERIALS FOR GRADUATION EVENT EDEM 2023 Graduation Event Graphics and Animations Graduation Event Motion Graphics In this section, I showcase a variety of animations and graphics designed for the EDEM 2023 graduation event, a renowned business school located in the vibrant city of Valencia. These animations aim to convey the powerful message that as […]